US Travel Ban 2020: Latest List?

How Did These Countries Make It to the US Travel Ban?

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The US Travel Ban had shut the US borders for seven countries two years ago. In order to strengthen national security, US President Donald Trump has said that he’ll be including “a couple of countries” more.

In his conversation with reporters at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, he made clear of adding seven more countries to the ban. However, it didn’t confirm the names of these countries or to what extent the ban will be applicable.

If the sources are to be trusted, the countries to further add to the list to travel ban are Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Nigeria, Sudan, Tanzania, and Belarus. While the reason to ban the first six countries can be predicted, it’s hard to comprehend the reason to ban Belarus, if this is the final list.

Why these countries?

The US has certain criteria to ban country travels. The administration targets nations with their rates of terrorism, militancy, and unfortunately, their Muslim population. Here are a few speculations of why the US has decided to ban these countries:

Eritrea, Sudan, and Nigeria: Recently, it was noticed that citizens of countries like Eritrea, Sudan, and Nigeria had surpassed their visa limit and increased the rate of visa overstay by 10%. Such a step is deemed disrespectful and a breach of the visiting country’s laws.

Kyrgyzstan: The growing threats of terror in the country is insane. As per a report in 2019, around 800 Kyrgyz citizens enrolled themselves in militant groups active in Syria. This seems to arise major safety and security questions in many countries.

Myanmar: The attacks on Rohingya Muslims since 2017 and fleeing of more than 671,000 citizens to Bangladesh have raised questions on the nation’s security and administration.

Tanzania: The speculated reason for the inclusion of Tanzania in this list is that around 35% to 45% of the population to be Muslims. We all know and have seen the US’s vulnerability towards Muslims and hence, this one is being considered. However, if the country makes it to the list, discussions are sure to prevail.

Why Belarus arises conflicts?

All said and done, the world is still baffled on the US administration’s decision to ban citizens of Belarus from traveling to the US if the speculated list is to be held. The Eastern European nation doesn’t hold a record of terror attacks in recent years, has never been cited as a threat to US Security, and the Muslim population in the country is less than 1%. It’s still unclear to many analysts why rumors of this country as the travel relationship between the US and Belarus is already limited and would have less to no impact, just more patience for visa issuance and application processing.

We all await the much an update on the list of the already powerful US travel ban. The concerned countries and their reactions would tell if this decision is justified.

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