Delta Air Lines Now Offering Safe Pet Travel

Delta Air Lines Now Offering Safe Pet-Travel

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While we have talked of pet-friendly hotels in Europe and things to keep in mind while booking a hotel for your pet in the US, the first and foremost step is to travel with your pet on a flight.

Getting your pet on a plane is a challenge of its kind. Considering the hassles, we have to go through while flying, we would never want our beloved pets to go through the same. Furry animals stuck in the foot area of the economy seats or the cargo hold is nothing short of a nightmare. The cruel process of handling pets onboard is painful to even think of.

With two-thirds of Americans having pets as a family member, we can understand how important it is for owners to ensure the safe travel of their four-legged family members. Hence, we are here to shed a light on Delta Air Lines’ new initiative for pet-friendly and safe travel.

Delta Air Lines introduces CarePod partnership

Delta has introduced a less cruel pet transporting process. The airline has partnered with CarePod to provide a pet travel carrier that comes with innovative features.

After a lot of research and testing, the airline has announced this feature. As per the Delta reports, following safety features have been brought into implementation:

  • The pods have stronger, insulated industrial strength walls that safeguard your pet from temperature fluctuations when the planes travel along with different climate and conditions.
  • The multi-layered windows and doors of the pods with specially angled blinds block out visual stress from unfamiliar surroundings, creating a calm environment for your pets.
  • With the world’s first built-in hydration system, the pods hold up to a liter of water that auto replenishes the spill-proof water bowl, ensuring easy access of fresh water to your pets.
  • An efficient enterprise-level GPS that tracks and monitors your pet’s journey directly to specialized Delta Cargo Control Center. The DCCC is 24/7/365 monitored by trained experts who supervise every CarePod journey from the take-off to landing. They even send out special staff on the ground to take care of the special needs of your pets.
  • The advanced technology gives the owners access on their mobile phones to keep a track of their pet’s journey via
  • With the help of CarePod and technology, the pods are made of the highest quality and standards materials that are non-toxic, UV, and antibacterial to ensure long-lasting strength and protection.

Which locations offer CarePod Services?

As a part of testing, Delta has introduced CarePod services in these eight US locations:

  • Atlanta
  • Boston
  • Los Angeles
  • Minneapolis
  • New York (JFK and LaGuardia)
  • San Francisco
  • West Palm Beach 

With such features and thought behind the initiative, it is safe to say that Delta has put in a lot of effort to make your vacation happier and safer.

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