Things to Keep in Mind while Booking a Pet-Friendly Hotel in the US

Pet-friendly in the US

Traveling with your pet is the most rewarding memory you’d want to have this year. And why not, pets are indeed one of the most important parts of our lives. However, you’d also want your pet to have the same happy feeling that you have when you bring them onboard.

With numerous pet-friendly hotels in the US, you can have a memorable trip with your little companion. Visit any part of the country and you’ll be welcomed as a “pet guest”. To ensure your pet’s happy stay, there are a few things to keep in mind before booking a hotel. We have listed down a few points that you should check before booking a hotel in the US for a joyous hassle-free stay. Read on and tick your worries off:

1. Call and confirm if the information on the website is up to date.

You might come across many hotels’ websites that claim to be pet-friendly and offer various amenities for your pet but before clicking on the ‘Book’ tab, consider calling and confirming the same with the hotel. There might be probabilities that the hotel’s owner might have changed or they would have revised their policies. It’s always a better idea to be clear rather than getting stuck in the hotel lobby, feeling cheated and booking another hotel.

2. Do they require health certificates or copies of vaccines?

It’s always important to carry your pet’s vaccination documents before flying for a trip. You might not want anyone treating your pet indifferently and refusing to pamper them because of some ‘fear’. In some cases, hotels need these documents to ensure the safety and a comfortable stay of other guests, as well.

3. What are the rules for leaving a pet alone in the room?

You might want to visit a museum or a “non-pet-friendly” place during your trip. In that case, you’d want to know how your pet will keep itself entertained. Some hotels don’t allow owners to leave their pets alone in the room or to carry your crate. Some might be generous enough to offer facilities like boarding or day-care services. Know these things in advance to prepare your pet’s solo itinerary.

4. On the hotel grounds, where are you allowed to walk your pet?

It’s human to know when and where your pet likes to relieve themselves and its generous to not make a mess at any given open area. Check with the hotel where they allow pets to have a relaxing time.

5. Are there pet supplies available?

Imagine the disaster of forgetting or running out of your pet supplies like waste-disposal bags, pet bowls, treats, towels, etc. It’s better to know if you can get these things in the hotel itself or if you’ll have to look for a pet store to refill your supplies.

6. Do they have a list or a resource guide to the nearest dog parks, vets, pet-friendly restaurants in the area?

You can’t always expect your pet to be nice being in one place. After all, they have their set of moods, as well. In that case, check if the hotel you’re booking has a list of places you can take your pet to, like a park, a vet, in case they need a routine check-up or worse if they fall ill (we hope they don’t). You’d surely want to have a soothing dinner with your pet where you can show them off to the world, check with your hotel if there are any pet-friendly restaurants nearby.

7. Are there off-leash and on-leash areas in the hotel?

It’s mandatory to know the rules of the hotel to make sure you’re letting other guests have a nice stay, as well. Ask your hotel in advance if they have off-leash areas where you can set your pet free to unleash their inner side and have a good time. And in the on-leash areas, make sure you follow the rules.

8. Are there any restrictions based on size and breed?

Some hotels are generous enough to let you enter with your English Mastiff or your pack of pugs. But some are restricted to a certain size and breed. Check their policies and know if it’s the right place for your pet.

9. What’s the maximum number of pets per room (or guests allowed) and what are the fees?

There are plenty of pet-friendly hotels with plenty of rules for your pets. You wouldn’t want to be refused entry into the hotel because you have more than one small companion in your trip or worse, being charged a hefty amount for the other pets. To be on a safer side, confirm the policy about the number of pets that you can bring along and how much they’re going to charge for it.

10. Do they offer any extra services?

Some hotels go the extra mile to make your pets stay memorable and some just let you enter with your dog on your responsibility. Call and confirm if your hotel provides pet-friendly services like dog-walking, dog-sitting, fun areas, activities, bath, etc. While some hotels ask you to clean your pet’s paws before entering the room, some put extra towels and wipes to make it easy for you.

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