The US Braces for More Challenges Ahead

The US Braces for More Challenges Ahead

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The US administration is not taking any chances with the coronavirus outbreak after it reported eleven confirmed cases

Time to get Cracking with the New Restriction Policy

Finally, the new travel restrictions ordered by the Trump administration is in place. As per this, those non-US citizens who visited China would be barred from entering the country.

The new restriction also plans to quarantine Americans who visited Hubei province, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak within the past fortnight.

The administration is screening those who recently visited other parts of China.

In another major development, all flights from China are being funneled to 11 airports: in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Atlanta, Honolulu, Newark, Detroit, Dallas and just outside the District.

Quarantined travelers will be kept in hotels and military bases.

Confusion over the Number of Quarantined Patients

Even as the US administration goes into overdrive trying to chip away at the crisis, there is still no clarity as to the number of quarantined patients and people being barred from entering the US.

Many local officials have been quoted as saying that there was no advance notice which somewhat made it difficult to streamline the entire process.

Even Hawaii’s leaders were not aware of the order ahead of a press conference by administration officials.

The US States are More Than Equipped to Handle the Situation

According to officials from Loudoun County, a D.C. suburb that has Dulles International Airport, they are fully prepared to deal with any eventuality. They maintain that depending on a person’s travel history, quarantine could take place in someone’s home or another location.

Eleven Confirmed Cases in the US

As of now, there are 11 confirmed cases in the United States, and 82 people are already being monitored. Testing of suspected cases is expected to pick up steam by the end of this week.

According to a US official, they are determined to “slow things down before it gets into the United States.’’

195 Under Quarantine Now

As per the latest information available, as many as 195 people are under quarantine in the United States. They were evacuated from Wuhan last week.  

For commercial flights, seven airports were initially earmarked to handle passengers from China. Four more were added early this week. Virginia was notified that Dulles Airport would be added.

Following the outbreak of coronavirus, a dozen countries have put travel restrictions on people coming from China.

Dulles is a case in point. It has no more flights coming in from China. The airport is expected to receive some travelers via connecting flights, but the numbers won’t be significant.

Number of Flights Between the US and China has Dropped

As expected, the number of flights between the United States and China has dropped dramatically following the outbreak of the virus.  

Three major U.S. carriers like American, Delta, and United, as part of their policy, also announced last week that they would stop flying to and from China.

Delta and United have said they would continue operating some flights until this week to give customers and their own employees the time to leave China.

Last Flight on Thursday United Airlines will suspend all operations between its hub cities in Beijing, Chengdu, and Shanghai beginning Thursday.

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